What Our Clients Say

“I've done University courses, I've done other courses, but this was one where the whole organisation worked together. I think that's what sets this course apart from anything I've done in the last 30 years. This was an opportunity for us to learn together and we implemented everything we learnt. I just got so excited about the outcomes that we were able to achieve. Never seen anything like it in my life, never experienced it before, thrilled to bits."

Warwick Bennett, Mid-Western Shire Council


“I have found this course extremely informative and helpful. As a manager with little training in this industry I realize how important it is to understand these topics. Because of this I would recommend this to anyone.”

Tanya Martin, Regis Group


When I set out to find a course among the myriad of possibilities, as an ex-police officer, I was looking for a course that provided a balance between quality education and the ability to apply what you are learning every day.  The Colloquium is that kind of course.

Colloquium facilitators have had a meaningful and relevant working life allowing them to provide quality examples to illustrate their theories. They provide theories and processes that work and can be applied to your everyday working life and make a difference to the performance and functionality of your teams. Additionally, undertaking the program amongst a peer group provides additional  learning and enriches the course further.  The one on one coaching assists you to implement strategies that will work for your existing team whilst allowing you to develop a team culture of high performance. This course has provided me with an extensive and significant toolbox that will work for me no matter what job I am doing. Thank you Colloquium.”

Catherine McEvedy


“This was a fabulous conference. Comprehensive, balanced and thought provoking. Well done guys!”

Trish McCluskey, Victoria University


“The entire process provided a unique opportunity to take a snap shot of my performance as a manager. I was able to apply the knowledge learned throughout the course to rectify and improve my areas of weakness. This has made me a more effective manager and leader, which in turn has reflected across the entire enterprise.”

Michael Brennan, Cobram Irrigation


“Thank you for the fantastic conference. Great to hear leadership challenges are similar across the various sectors.”

Belinda Mackinnon, TAFE NSW


“All participants have stepped up in their leadership roles in a way that is apparent to all in the organisation.”

Allan Bawden Bass Coast


“The high quality standard of the presentations coupled with the facilitation and management of the Colloquium workshops has allowed the participants to maximise their learning outcomes and build invaluable networks for further learnings.”

Lou Pontonio, Victoria Police


“As a relatively new member of the university community (4 years), the opportunity to hear presentations from a large number of Vice-Chancellors was fantastic!”

Dylan Mitchell, University of Newcastle


“Having undertaken two other management programs previously,I have experienced a number of ‘light bulb’ moments over the past three days which hasn’t really occurred before.”

Jan MacKenzie, Deakin University


“Good to have time out of the workplace and get my thoughts clear. Hearing some great examples of contemporary HR practices in time of rapid and major change in people management.”

Linda Whitaker, Wyndham City Council


“A very professionally run and well facilitated seminar. A great range of speakers from a variety of backgrounds. A thought provoking and engaging seminar.”

Tracey Parnell, Charles Sturt University


“I have learnt so much over the last 3 days. I will have a lot to reflect on over the next month. The course ticked every box for the goals I had set out for myself to learn.”

Ray Meloury, Paloga Pty Ltd


“A thought provoking seminar which heightens the importance of sound leadership, systems and management; and effective people, partnerships and communication strategies to achieve best possible outcomes.”

Liza Metcalfe, Somerville Community Services


“The diversity and combined wisdom of the Colloquium participants, combined with the professionalism and experience of the facilitators makes this program highly valuable and a real (authentic!) learning opportunity.”

Michelle Moore, Moira Shire Council


“The presentations gave me insight and knowledge to take back and discuss with my work team and higher management. Such as reviewing values, flexible work arrangements, staff health and well-being initiatives, communication and trust among colleagues.”

Alyssa Krause, ACT Health


“The networking opportunity was incredible. Facilitators were great. Reinforced my strengths as a leader and manager. Made me aware of new ideas of how to approach leadership”.

Vanessa Disney, Calvary Silver Circle


“These seminars are an excellent idea and provide a fabulous opportunity to network and gain access to a range of information you would otherwise not have ready access to.”

Tracey May, KPMG


“The interactivity of the course is really fantastic. Learning from peers’ real life experiences really supports the formal learning.”

Melinda Thomas, Deakin University


“Overall I came away with lots of ideas to implement in my workplace. Well done, very enjoyable and interesting.”

Roslyn McLennan, QLD Independent Education Union


“Using the skills learnt from the workshop I was able to successfully 'sell my personal brand' in an interview which resulted in me winning the Bendigo Office Professional of the Year.”

Chris White, Bendigo Health


“Just wanted to say a hearty "thank you" for a set of very stimulating, informative and enjoyable days. While I don't always enjoy the study I undertake, I can say with sincerity that I learnt more about myself this week than in any study environment for many years.”

Marianne Cutler, Yarra Royal District Nursing Service


“Thanks to all those involved in arranging the event, a good collection of speakers who were able to provide theoretical as well as practical information.”

Anne Walters, National Film and Sound Archive


“The program has produced profound positive changes that have exceeded my expectations.”

Kerry Thompson, Wyndham City Council


“Very good speakers and practical advise and guidance as to where to from here. Good indication of where we need to be to be competitive in the current market.”

Gorana Miljanic, Trimas Corporation


“I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the quality of the training, the materials, and especially the calibre of the Trainers. Those guys are both excellent trainers and a real pleasure to work with. I’ve been saying that the training was in fact the easy part – the hard part, implementing and maintaining the good habits, structures and systems – starts now! I am delivering training sessions to our workshop on organisational and personal values and cross-organisational team work and the materials have been priceless in structuring those sessions.”

Donna Mogg, Growcom QLD


“All speakers gave valuable insights into their organisation and family friendly policies implemented. It was enlightening to hear high level performers and executives who embraced the notion of family friendly workplace.”

Leanne Ryan, RMIT University


“Encourages thinking/reflection and problem solving. I will be able to apply principles and improve practices in my own work place.”

Sally Annesley, Regis Lake Park


“The program has catalysed unexpected and profound change not only within the student cohort, but throughout the organisation.”

Sharon Fowles, Bass Coast


“Being in this forum has allowed me to focus on what I am doing in a self reflective sense which I wouldn’t have done otherwise. I would encourage others even if in a management role to undertake this session.”

Roslyn Smith, Corrections Victoria

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