National Health Sector Managers and Leaders ConferenceThe National Health Sector Managers and Leaders Conference 2016

Supporting leadership excellence throughout Australia's health sector.

The National Health Sector Managers and Leaders Conference provides an opportune forum for leaders and aspiring leaders within the Australian health services sector to examine the on-going complexities of personal and organisational leadership. During the conference, a broad cross-section of Australian health services organisations will assemble to examine their own standards, policies and procedures for building a universal culture of strong leadership in order to support the consistent delivery of high quality patient care.

This event represents a unique opportunity for health sector workers to explore current leadership challenges specifically relevant to their positions and workplaces. Fundamentally, the conference will aim to de-mystify leadership excellence and provide practical advice to support the development of quality leadership at critical positions within the health sector.

The effectiveness of an organisation’s leadership can make the single biggest difference as to whether that organisation is high performing or not. Given the widespread devastation of natural events, coupled with the pressures of a fragile Australian economy and reform, organisations and individuals are increasingly relying on strong leadership to steer them through this period of uncertainty.

As well as expert presentations delivered by a comprehensive range of high calibre speakers, conference attendees will also benefit from the opportunity to engage with likeminded health sector professionals and discuss their own challenges and initiatives.

Conference presentations, discussion panels and workshops will cover a variety of leadership related topics with the intention of supporting the development of well-rounded, self-directed leadership. The following key themes will be explored during the conference:

• Building and managing high performing teams
• Working across boundaries and difference
• Navigating your leadership journey: Examining one’s career
• Mental health in the workplace: Managing performance issues, psychological safety and strategic wellbeing
• Objectives and progress leadership
• Immunity to change
• E-Health and technology in health
• Speakers discuss leadership journeys
• Inspirational stories

The conference has been developed for a variety of employees ranging from aspiring managers through to established leaders and decision makers. Delegates will come from a diverse range of organisations across both metropolitan and regional Australia.

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